Custom Solutions

At Quintica we believe that 'out of the box' (OOTB) is best.

OOTB is a practice of utilising the given feature set of a solution, with no changes in the functionality or design. This practice ensures that clients are able to start to utilise their product immediately and the obvious associated costs and time that accompanies customisations is avoided.

One of our most important jobs is to see if we can help you to avoid customisations. However, we are mindful that there is quite often a unique requirement that leaves you with no choice.

When that is the case, Quintica has the staff on hand ready to build that customisation for you. We adopt an agile approach to developing your requirement, following a business canvass approach, where we map out the minimum requirements that you need ; so that you can be up and running quickly. One of our business analysts will work with you on defining that minimum feature set you need and that will be handed to our coding team. The coding team will rapidly create a prototype for your review.

If you are satisfied with the prototype then work commences on the live end product. We move quickly. We know that drawn out development projects is counter-intuitive in the creation of positive customer experience.

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