Digital Workspace


The figures are staggering and the possibilities are limitless. The traditional bricks and mortar office is eroding as part of the information age.

Organisations now actively encourage work from home practices and they are forcing the point by reducing the number of available desks and creating zones where 'settling in' is not an option.

This coupled with a requirement to be connected to colleagues in different blocks, cities and countries has led to a higher consciousness of the 'digital workspace'.

All the elements you need for your role have to be in that workspace. This includes mail and calendar, as well as collaborative solutions for managing projects, sharing ideas, assigning tasks, making requests; in short carrying out every aspect of you work.

The digital workspace is the virtual environment, in the cloud, that end users now need. Offering access to any application, in a secure, anytime, anywhere, any device model; it is the new driver for innovation and building great customer experience.

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