The Internet of Things can be thought of as the central nervous system of the planet. It is a concept, first raised circa 1999, regarding the connectivity of (just about) everything to the internet. We often talk about ourselves as connected to the internet (I'm logged on, I'm connected), but the reality is that there are many, many more devices than people connected.

While we have started to see the benefits of connectedness, this will only continue. The car heating would engage to clear your windscreen of ice 5 minutes before you are due to leave for a meeting. You got the alert to leave for the meeting, based on knowledge regarding current traffic conditions and alternative routes. As you leave you ask your fridge to scan for basic requirements and place an order for delivery... and so it goes, on and on.

The Internet of Things is all about how you experience your day. It isn't just about the smart phone, it is now about the total experience.

The Internet of Things