Message from the CEO

Expectations are higher than ever before, especially in terms of response and reaction times. In an 'always-on' world of 24/7 access to business and consumer applications, it is inevitable that organisations delivering the best customer experiences will come out on top.

At a very minimum, businesses must ensure that their digital environment is operationally cost-efficient and performing optimally. But those businesses that want to differentiate, compete and win must ensure they can deliver the best customer experience.

This requires a Managed Services provider who has the capability to leverage the Internet of Things, harnesses Big Data, offer a single view across multiple private and public platforms and applications, and embed intelligence to proactively predict events and continually better the customer experience.

Quintica understands the hyper-connected world and not only provides services that address the operational issues of cost efficiencies and performance but offers Customer-Experience-as-a Service. After all, technology is now a service industry.

Our Customer-Experience-as-a-Service integrates a bottom up approach to deliver on a business's end-user demands of reliability, speed, self-service and continuity with a top-down approach aligned to business targets, for example, customer.

Our employees have a depth and breadth of experience and expertise that we take direct to our clients' premises. And we also offer services that leverage the benefits of the cloud, big data, social media, mobile and Internet of Things, using our own Intellectual Property. In both instances Customer-Experience is delivered as a service.

I believe that there are three things that make Quintica special. The first is that we have a group of like-minded, client-obsessed individuals. The second is that our obsessive, like-minded employees are continuously pushing the boundaries of engineering and creativity to deliver better, more relevant and differentiated customer experiences for our clients. And the third is that every one of our employees actively contributes to our successes and our clients' successes. Every individual contribution is highly valued and the millions of little things they do are what make the Big Things a reality.

We do "Big Things" because we have "Great People"; and we have "Great
People" because we do "Big Things".

Charles Osburn
Chief Executive Officer

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